Börk Börk Börk!! The Swedish Chef Cooking Up Some Morning Links

03.28.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Hunger Games Review: The Future is Blurry |Film Drunk|

The ‘Daily Show’ Blasts Media Coverage Of The Trayvon Martin Case |UPROXX|

Quick Hits: Verdicts and Renewal Odds on 5 New Television Series |Warming Glow|

10 Athletes Who Would Have Been Greater If They Listened To Kenny F*cking Powers |With Leather|

5 Directions Medicine Can Go In Now That Cancer Is Toast |Gamma Squad|

20 Supporting Actors From ’90s TV Shows Then And Now |Buzzfeed|

15 portraits of nude politicians. |PopHangover|

Forget Kony 2012, getting Steve Holt in the Arrested Development movie is the most important cause of the year |Fark|

The 10 Best Shows in the Fox Network’s 25 Year History |Pajiba|

Five Life Lessons I Learned from Standup Comics |Unreality|

Rabid Kentucky Fan Offering His Wife in Exchange for Final Four Tickets |Brobible|

Alicia Silverstone Regurgitates Into Her Son’s Mouth |TheSuperficial|

Headbangers Painting Bedroom Walls |Videogum|

More of the Best of the Swedish Chef |Mentalfloss|

Reasonable Man of the Day: Adam Savage |TheDailyWhat|

9 Instances of James Cameron Just Being Ridiculous |ScreenJunkies|

Tenacious D is back. Hell yes I’m excited. |HolyTaco|

Exclusive Look of the Jurassic Park 3D Re-release via RoboShark

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