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(This week’s Box-Office Wipe Up brought to you by Roland Emmerich’s evil twin, Rolando Emmerich.)

2012 made $65 million over the weekend, which isn’t surprising considering everyone knew about it.  Though it should be noted that Roland Emmerich’s last movie, The Day After Tomorrow, actually opened bigger at $68.7 million, and I don’t know think I know anyone who saw that movie. Also… aren’t they the same movie?  What’s going on here?

A Christmas Carol dropped only 25% since it’s opening last weekend, leading many to believe it will continue to play into actual Christmas and leaving little hope that Robert Zemeckis will ever abandon this ridiculous motion-capture experiment.  We get it, dude, you like computers.

Precious is tearing it up, thanks to Oprah’s Midas ham hands.  Either that or it’s doing well because the main character is so hot.  Seriously, do any of you have her number?  I want to get all up in her Shar Pei folds.  Just like I did with my Shar Pei.

Elsewhere, Pirate Radio failed to crack the top ten in its opening weekend, Men Who Stare at Goats continued to underperform, and Couples Retreat crossed the $100 million mark.  Probably because it was so… good.

Filml Weekend Per Screen Total
1 2012 $65,000,000 $19,095 $65,000,000
2 A Christmas Carol $22,325,000 (-25.7%) $6,062 $63,289,000
3 The Men Who Stare at Goats $6,200,000 (-51.2%) $2,528 $23,376,000
4 Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire $6,090,000 (+225.2%) $35,000 $8,915,000
5 Michael Jackson’s This Is It $5,100,000 (-61.2%) $1,679 $68,211,000
6 The Fourth Kind $4,744,000 (-61.2%) $1,875 $20,588,000
7 Couples Retreat $4,253,000 (-30.6%) $1,695 $102,133,000
8 Paranormal Activity $4,200,000 (-49.3%) $1,549 $103,847,000
9 Law Abiding Citizen $3,932,000 (-34.5%) $1,899 $67,326,000
10 The Box $3,185,000 (-57.9%) $1,209 $13,206,000

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