Box Office: Don’t hold your breath for 5cream

Film Weekend Per Total
1 Rio $40,000,000 $10,455 $40,000,000
2 Scream 4 $19,279,000 $5,833 $19,279,000
3 Hop $11,167,000 (-47.6%) $3,095 $82,609,000
4 Soul Surfer $7,400,000 (-30.2%) $3,342 $19,997,000
5 Hanna $7,327,000 (-40.8%) $2,879 $23,327,000
6 Arthur $6,940,000 (-43.2%) $2,118 $22,348,000
7 Insidious $6,857,000 (-26.8%) $3,071 $35,983,000
8 Source Code $6,300,000 (-27.2%) $2,464 $36,990,000
9 The Conspirator
$3,924,000 $5,550 $3,924,000
10 Your Highness $3,895,000 (-58.4%) $1,405 $15,952,000

Scream 3 opened with $34.7 million back in 2000, the equivalent of $52 million, adjusted for inflation.  Estimates for Scre4m ran as high as $25 million, but in the end it barely opened as well as Sucker Punch.  And thank God, because I think we can all agree that the world does not need two more Scream movies, like Wes Craven had at one point threatened discussed.  Scre4m was already so self-referential that by the time they got to 6cream, it would’ve just been Wes Craven blowing himself in the mirror while filming himself blowing himself and watching the live footage on a monitor.  BRRAAAAAAAH– (*splooge*)

As BoxOfficeMojo points out, the drop from Scream 3 to Scream 4 was more severe than the drop from Saw V to Saw VI.  I don’t know what that proves, but comparing anything to Saw does make it sound sad and disappointing, which seems to apply here.

In other news, Rio kicked ass, bringing in the first $40 million opening of 2011 (assuming the numbers hold when the final tallies come in), beating out previous-high openings Rango ($38.1 million) and Hop ($37.5 million).  Animated flicks aren’t doing $60 million openings like Monsters vs. Aliens anymore, but simply aiming films at an audience that needs a chaperone to drive them to the theater seems to double your ticket sales.  As long it’s not some creepy Robert Zemeckis motion-capture job, which science has proved that even monkeys hate.

Finally, Your Highness is officially a bomb, falling 58% from its opening, and barely clinging to a spot in the top 10.  Which is a bummer, because I thought it was a fun movie, provided you didn’t have a shriv stick crammed in your cornhole like that shrivy old cornhole Ebert (I kid, he’s a national treasure).  But alas, the minotaur penis around Danny McBride’s neck seems to have become an albatross.  So sad, yet so pregnant with symbolism.  Something to ponder.

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