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Diary of a Mad Black Woman, 9-12-09:  Dear Diary: I just watched Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself.  The story was quite life affirming.  I leave the theater with a newfound perspective on life and the calm that comes with it.  Leaving the parking lot now, hoping to stop by the church social.  Hey! A guy just cut me off, even though I clearly had the right of way.  I’M A KILL YOU YOU STUPID MUTHAF*CKA!

Aaaanyway, this weekend, black folks proved once again that they like watching dudes cross dress almost as much as the British.  Tyler Perry always kills it even though I’ve never seen a movie of his (though my grandpa likes them — true story).  His I Can Do Bad All by Myself was number one by a large margin this weekend, earning $24 million and $10,656 per screen, the highest per screen average since Inglourious Basterds three weeks ago.

All About Steves second weekend drop of 48% is shockingly low for a film whose best reviews were basically, “I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and say maaaybe this film isn’t the cinematic equivalent of a gorilla fingerpainting with its own feces.”  Still, at $21 mil total, it’s far from a hit (thank God).  Now, can we stop it with the Eve-Steve puns already?  We get it, Adam & Steve went to see Stevita on Christmas Steve.  It’s been done.  Next person who makes one, I’m coming to your house to play “Steve of Destruction” on a ukulele while douching with Summer’s Steve.

Inglourious crossed the $100 million mark, bringing it to $104 mil and all but ensuring it will pass Pulp Fiction‘s $108 mil to become Tarantino’s highest-grossing film ever.  Way to go, Q.  Now lay off the nose candy, would you?

Elsewhere, 9 did okay, Sorority Row and Whiteout were non-starters, probably because the latter sucked and the former never even had a chance, and Gamer dropped like a rock in its second weekend.  Probably because its kids-control-the-characters-through-a-videogame concept was so stupid a football coach could’ve came up with it.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself $24,030,000 $10,656 $24,030,000
2 9 $10,856,000 $6,536 $15,264,000
3 Inglourious Basterds $6,546,000 (-43.7%) $2,036 $104,309,000
4 All About Steve $5,800,000 (-48.4%) $2,561 $21,812,000
5 The Final Destination $5,500,000 (-55.5%) $2,013 $58,258,000
6 Sorority Row $5,268,000 $1,977 $5,268,000
7 Whiteout $5,100,000 $1,858 $5,100,000
8 District 9 $3,600,000 (-49.1%) $1,406 $108,517,000
9 Julie & Julia $3,300,000 (-38.0%) $1,409 $85,360,000
10 Gamer $3,150,000 (-65.6%) $1,259 $16,120,000

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