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Welcome to today’s box office wipe up, now consisting almost solely of movies I don’t care about.  Robert Zemeckis 3D motion-capture thingie A Christmas Carol was number one with $31 million, though the studio was hoping for more like $35 or $40.  It remains to be seen whether this is a harbinger of an eventual stinker or whether it will continue to play through the holidays. It’s pretty ballsy to expect people to be thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, and I’m just waiting patiently until this whole stupid mo-cap experiment is over.

This is It landed at number two and everyone says it’s great and blah blah blah I’m never going to stop hearing about this am I.  Men Who Stare at Goats opened decently at $13 million, which is more than half its estimated budget.  I actually want to see it I just haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet, in case you wanted to know.  I’m very busy you see.

The Fourth Kind beat Paranormal Activity for the four spot, but while Paranormal is close to the $100 million mark, The Fourth Kind will be lucky to make $30 mil.  The Box, from Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, basically bombed at $8 million.  Something about it makes me not care. On the indie front, Precious opened big, earning $100,000 per location.  I heard Robin Quivers talking about it on Howard Stern this morning and she said it was “torture” and “why don’t they just take the audience out behind the barn and shoot us.”  The gist was, “I don’t have to watch this torturous movie to know some peoples’ lives are horrible”.  That was basically my impression from the trailer, but now you’ve heard it from someone who’s actually seen it, and a famous African-American radio personality at that.  Join me next week for a box office wipe up post that might actually be funny.  No promises.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 A Christmas Carol $31,000,000 $8,417 $31,000,000
2 Michael Jackson’s This Is It $14,000,000 (-39.7%) $4,022 $57,855,000
3 The Men Who Stare at Goats $13,309,000 $5,448 $13,309,000
4 The Fourth Kind $12,521,000 $4,955 $12,521,000
5 Paranormal Activity $8,600,000 (-47.5%) $3,362 $97,430,000
6 The Box $7,855,000 $2,981 $7,855,000
7 Couples Retreat $6,428,000 (-0.5%) $2,250 $95,980,000
8 Law Abiding Citizen $6,172,000 (-16.6%) $2,495 $60,873,000
9 Where the Wild Things Are $4,225,000 (-28.8%) $1,533 $69,268,000
10 Astro Boy $2,588,000 (-25.2%) $1,349 $15,073,000

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