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As they say on The A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.”  Now, let me see if I understand this plan:

1.  Stowaway inside tank inside a cargo plane.

2.  Wait for enemy to blow up said cargo plane with a missile.

3.  Assuming that they’ll be undamaged in the explosion, deploy the tank’s parachutes (from, uh… inside the tank).

4. Open tank’s hatch, activate tank’s guns, and destroy enemy’s planes as you float towards the ground.

5. Cackle maniacally, ridicule your black friend.

Some people might call this “ridiculous” or “stupid,” but I enjoyed it.  If you’re gonna go big, go big.  However, if you can tell me what the hell Rampage says here, I think you win a prize:


I got “We hid a fallen taint!” You?

[via LiveforFilms]

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