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02.25.10 19 Comments

(Good job, Brad Cooper, you don’t want a baby growing in that womb)

An actor pulling out of a project isn’t huge news in itself, but at a time when plenty of leading men should consider firing their agents *cough* Gerard Butler! *cough, cough*, I thought it’d be nice to focus on someone making a good decision for a change.

Bradley Cooper has pulled out of McG’s next film, a romantic comedy called This Means War.  The July start date for the Fox romcom overlapped with the start of The Hangover 2. Reese Witherspoon is still attached.  Fox has had this one for a long time; it was originally intended as a Martin Lawrence film. The movie revolves around two best friends, inseparable since childhood, that fall in love with the same woman (Witherspoon) and go to war against each other. THR says the “ensuing battle escalates to mammoth proportions, with New York City demolished in their wake.” [/Film]

Yeah, you had me at “a Fox rom-com from McG.”  It sounds like Bride Wars meets Charlie’s Angels.  Please, someone lead this one down to riverbank and put a bullet in its skull.

(Wouldn’t want to cheat the ladies out of shirtless Brad Cooper)

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