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01.04.08 17 Comments

Today Apple has this trailer for Planet B-Boy.  Which is apparently a break dancing documentary.

An American dancer in Vegas looks for his big break; a Korean son seeks his father’s approval; a twelve-year-old boy in France confronts his family’s racism – all the b-boys’ lives collide in Germany where their skills are put to the ultimate test: the “Battle of the Year” finals, with crews from 18 nations vying for the title of World Champion.

Uh dude?  There’s a guy spinning around on another guy’s head – I’ll take less backstory and more which demon he sold his soul to in order to become a human dreidel. I remember when people used to breakdance at recess in junior high.  I tried to do it once and all I did was break my ass.  I got so mad that the next time they turned the music on, I just punched the guy next to me.  And that’s how moshing got started.

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