Breaking: Ashley Greene Made A Mojito

08.09.11 16 Comments

We interrupt your steady stream of relatively inconsequential posts to bring you this important bit of breaking news. Ashley Greene, star of the Twilight films and all-around pretty person, made a mojito. MTV has the details:

Greene said that she and her costar and offscreen BFF Kellan Lutz became a bit too food-happy once they found out there was a Whole Foods right around the corner from where they were staying while filming “Breaking Dawn.” Apparently the duo helped keep the grocery store in business by spending a lot of money during their time there.

“Me and Kellan get excited sometimes, and we’re like, ‘Let’s just buy everything! We’re going to cook every night.’ Not like we’re going to be at work, you know what I mean?” Greene said with a laugh.

She said the two of them made a lot of fish dishes, though she typically sticks to chicken. But Greene was most excited by the times they experimented with new recipes.

“I made my own homemade mojito one time, which was pretty interesting and awesome,” Greene admitted*.

More as this story develops.

*Just so we’re all clear on something here, “‘I made my own homemade mojito one time, which was pretty interesting and awesome,’ Greene admitted,” is my new favorite sentence. It’s got so many magical moving parts I don’t even know where to begin. Like, at first, my favorite part was how she said “homemade mojito” like it’s chicken noodle soup or a peach pie. Then I saw her describe making the mojito as “pretty interesting and awesome” and I was like, “Well now that’s my favorite part,” because she described making a fairly basic cocktail the same way you would a 3D documentary about roller coasters. But then I got to the end where the writer said “she admitted.” ADMITTED. As though Ashley Greene’s feelings on making a mojito were a point of contention. “Excuse me, Ashley? We have reports coming in that you think making mojitos is stupid and lame. Care to comment? What’s that? (*writing furiously in notepad*)… interesting… and… awesome. GOT IT!”

I want to marry that sentence and make babies with it and put the babies through twelve years of private school and four years of liberal arts college and then retire to some beachfront retiree community with it.

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