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03.04.10 41 Comments

In today’s episode of Who’s More Embarrassed, we pit Brendan Fraser, in the poster for his latest wacky family comedy, Furry Vengeance; vs. Nic Cage, in New York this week to do reshoots on Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and have lunch with his best friends, Silly Wig and Pointy Shoes.

It’s a tough one, but I’m gonna have to go with Brendan Fraser.  Although this poster may actually be the least embarrassing picture from this movie so far (see below), there’s still that title, “Furry Vengeance.”  It’s supposed to be a family movie, but it’s really one entendre away from being called Juggalo Sex Boat.  Plus, I’ve gotta think Nic Cage mostly lacks the capacity for embarrassment by now.  I could easily imagine him in costume with a silly wig and trench coat made of chain mail, with a big pink dildo bolted to his enormous forehead, and still just walking right into the McDonald’s next store and telling the clerk, “Hi, I’m Nicolas Cage and I’d like a cola.”

Anyway, if Brendan Fraser’s going to be embarrassed about anything, it should be this:

(more Sorcerer’s Apprentice pictures at Collider, Furry Vengeance poster via IMPA)

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