Brent Weinbach’s “Gangster Party Line” video is amazing

LA-based comic Brent Weinbach posted this video to YouTube yesterday, and I’d be bad at my job if I didn’t chuck a few more eyeballs at it. “Gangster Party Line,” written and directed by Weinbach, offers a late night solution for homeys, Gs, and Tommy Tapouts who really need to talk some shit, but are all cooped up in their crib with their moms and/or old ladies.

I could criticize this for getting so much comedic mileage out of the word “n-gga,” but that feeling of not wanting to laugh is probably partially responsible for the tears running down my cheeks right now. Nothing makes something funnier like trying not to laugh at it.

Someone should really Photoshop up an album cover for “Dog N-ggaz,” who obviously would all be dogs.


Late night TV advertisement for an adults only chat line for gangsters.

Written and Directed by Brent Weinbach

Produced by Brent Weinbach and Adam Schary.

Cinematography and Editing by Trevor Ames.

Lead Creative Consultant: Adam Schary.

I’d love to see what Adam Schary’s creative consulting duties would entail. “So you see, Brent, sometimes gangsters call each other ‘n-gga.'”

[FYI, that’s Leland White in the main role]