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03.12.10 13 Comments

The Good Heart from Magnolia Pictures stars Brian Cox as a curmudgeonly old fart who meets pussy emo twerp Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood) in the hospital and decides to turn him into a bartender, and not the Tom Cruise kind.  In some ways, it looks a little like indie movie by numbers — the gruff old mentor, the suicidal brat and his wounded dove love interest (“I got fired from my job as a stewardess.  I’m afraid to fly.”).   But maybe it’s worth forgiving, seeing as how it also stars a duck, a german shepherd, and most cuddly of all, Brian Cox.  I love Brian Cox so much.  He’s so awesome and gruff.  He’s like a walking PSA for how to treat a hooker.

The kid kind of sucks at Shakespeare, but he’s nailing that British accent.

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