Bridesmaids director Paul Feig may make Bridget Jones 3

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07.08.11 9 Comments

Bloimey, Guv, it seems dat oy am unabew to close moy lips.

When Bridesmaids opened a few months ago, not only was it a huge success (

The film-maker is in the early stages of discussions about getting Bridget Jones back into her outsized pants for a third instalment. [and I think I know a little something about getting into outsized pants. -Ed.]
Paul Feig, who told me he’s ‘beyond keen’ [a phrase Americans ALWAYS use… ]to make a movie in London, is in the middle of very complex negotiations about making Bridget 3.
The status of the film at the moment is purely rumour because no deals involving Feig — or the film’s stars Renee, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant — have been sorted out.
I was told that the film-maker, the actors and the studios (Working Title and Focus) are close to agreement on important matters relating to the film, but not close enough for anyone to sign on a dotted line.
Helen Fielding, who created the Bridget Jones’s Diary column in a national newspaper, has written a script for Bridget Jones 3 that features her heroine hoping to become pregnant. [DailyMail]

Well at least that Colin Firth might finally get some work. Bridget Jones Diarrhea, I suppose would be the working title.

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