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I Love You, Man was good because Jason Segel and Paul Rudd made it funny, not because of the cheesy and sort of average story.  But no matter, sharpen up your stabbin’ knife, because “bromance” is the new buzzword around town.

Summit has bought a pitch from Alan Yang called “We Love You,” a bromantic comedy with echoes of “I Love You, Man.” The story revolves around two close friends who discover they’re dating the same woman and the comedic and relationship consequences that ensue when they try to disentangle the situation.   Yang counts “South Park” and “Parks and Recreation” among his credits; he also sold the interracial adoption comedy “White Dad” to Sony and has done a rewrite of the David Dobkin project “Boss Go Home” at Warners. [THR]

That’s right, the article writer called something a “bromantic comedy” – without even putting quotes around it.  Because it’s a widely acknowledged phenomenon now.  A dude.  A dude wrote that.  Does he not have an editor?  Or an older brother to sock him in the shoulder when he does stuff like this?  Friends to tell him he looks like a queer with that haircut?  This is what’s wrong with America.  …And I’m copyrighting Bromeo & Tooliet right now, just so none of these f-ckers can steal it.

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