Bruce Almighty getting a sequel, reports No Thanks Magazine

No Thanks Magazine reports that Universal has hired a team of writers to write a sequel to Bruce Almighty. You know, much like they did four years ago before releasing a massive flop that lost between $2 and $37 million (not including marketing) depending on who you ask. But Jim Carrey is returning for this one so everything’s fine! Facepalm Weekly adds that this one will even ignore the plot of the second movie, which would make it a sort of partial-reboot, sequely thing, as confirmed by Sorry You Asked Digest.

The studio is in talks with the scripting team of Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel (“Hot Tub Time Machine,” “Yes Men”) to write a followup to the 2003 hit “Bruce Almighty.”
Project’s being developed as a starring vehice with “Bruce Almighty” star Jim Carrey in mind.
Carrey starred as TV reporter given the chance to be God for a week after complaining to God about a rival co-worker being promoted to the anchor slot.

This time around he can play a struggling screenwriter complaining to God about a studio turning down his original comedy in favor of a rehash of an idea that was kinda lame nine years ago. Then they can screen it for half price as a double feature with Austin Powers 4 at the Things We Liked in the 90s Theater. I hear Paula Cole works a greeter there, flashing her hairy pits at everyone who comes in.

[since someone asked, yes, there are also plans for a Dumb and Dumber sequel]