Bruckheimer pays $3.5 million for space NASCAR

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05.25.10 36 Comments

Most people thought writing spec scripts (as in writing a script on your own and then trying to sell it) was basically a dead end, what with studios busy trying to adapt magic 8-balls and whatever household object was in the room at the time.  (This summer!  Toaster!  The Movie! In 3D! ).  Luckily, at least one person in Hollywood still cares about art. And that person is Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of G-Force, Kangaroo Jack, and CSI: Poughkeepsie, Special Mimes Unit.

In one of the richest pitch sales of the year, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer Films have plunked down low-seven figures against $3.5 million for Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii‘s epic space adventure “Lightspeed.”  The scribes had previously teamed on the thriller “Deja Vu,” which marked the highest spec sale ever when Disney and Bruckheimer paid mid-seven figures for the script in 2004.

Story centers on a young pilot who makes the Earth Interstellar Racing Team and must take his ship on a perilous journey across the galaxy on the brink of war. Bruckheimer envisions the project as a live-action and potentially 3D pic.

BRUCKHEIMER: “Look, fellas, I’m a busy man. I’m having lunch with Nic Cage and the Queen of France later.  Can you explain your pitch to me in 10 words or less?”

ROSSIO: “Picture this: Speed Racer meets Lord of the Rings…”

BRUCKHEIMER: “I’m listening…”

MARSILII: “…in Space.”

BRUCKHEIMER: “Mother of God.”

ROSSIO: “…in 3D.”


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