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12.23.08 24 Comments

Jerry Bruckheimer might be the most brilliant moron in the world, and his next project is… wait for it …a 3-D live-action picture about CGI guinea pigs who defend the Earth against a diabolical billionaire and his army of robots.  USA Today has these new pictures (a couple more over there) and quotes from the masturmind himself.

The G-Force team has all the good gadgets, like guinea-pig-sized jet skis that dive underwater.  “They’re little James Bonds,” says Bruckheimer.

Darwin is a rodent, so he’s naturally good at sneaking around, but his team is under pressure to get this mission right.  “They have to prove their worth,” says Bruckheimer.

The idea of guinea pig superheroes came from director Hoyt Yeatman’s son, Bruckheimer says.  But, he admits, “I fell in love with them.”

Well sure, but do they rap?  If the guinea pigs don’t rap I’m not interested.

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