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Natalie Portman will be making her directorial debut with A Tale of Love and Darkness, based on Amos Oz’ bestselling memoir.  Aside from having a really awesome name, Oz is a literature professor in Israel and a prominent advocate of the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palistinian conflict. 

Of her two-picture deal with Participant Productions, Portman said: 

We all have the same desire to make meaningful and artistically fulfilling films and are committed to the idea of stories leading to greater empathy and action for world issues. [Variety]

Which, roughly translated, means "I’m going to look like a pretentious douche who takes herself way too seriously unless this is really, really good."  The Amazon decription of A Tale of Love and Darkness:

Oz’s personal trajectory is set against the background of an embattled Palestine during WWII, the jubilation after the U.N. vote to partition Palestine and create a Jewish state, the violence and deprivations of Israel’s war of independence and the months-long Arab siege of Jerusalem.

Oz reportedly rebuffed Mel Gibson’s offer to option the book for his Portman-headlined feature, Sugartits the Super Jew.  

Ahh, thank G-d I don’t go for the easy jokes, huh? 

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