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07.02.09 16 Comments

Brüno recently did a photoshoot for the latest issue of GQ in which goofed around with L.A.’s Birmingham high school football team.  Now the school superindendent is angry about it because… uh… it takes the attention away from the fact that most of his students can’t read?

The stunt has incensed Los Angeles Unified School District Supt. Ramon C. Cortines, adding fuel to a debate over whether Birmingham, in Lake Balboa, should be allowed to convert to a charter school. The charter conversion is up for a vote before the school board Wednesday. “This recent GQ thing has not helped matters,” Cortines said today. “We’ve allowed our students to be used, and not in the most glamorous circumstances, either.” [LATimes]

Actually, the students used you.  Namely your jerseys.  Wait, what’s this about charter school?

[Birmingham HS] has broken away from the nation’s second-largest school district. The move came one day after officials with the Los Angeles Unified School District disciplined two administrators over violating the district’s policy on using the school’s name in the film. The charter proposal ends the district’s authority over school employees, so the disciplinary action will be moot. [Yahoo]

Wow, so a school gets one magazine spread and suddenly it’s too good to hang with the schools it grew up with?  Sounds like L.A. alright.  Stay tuned for next week, when Birmingham High develops an eating disorder and f*cks David Spade.

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