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11.19.08 17 Comments

Sacha Baron Cohen has made headlines again while filming the Bruno movie.  I’m excited for this. I mean if he keeps this up, the jokes will all be ruined long before I get to see it!

The flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter embodied by the character-crazy Sacha Baron Cohen was ejected from the set of Medium earlier this month after somehow finagling his way past security.

Said a security guard when reached for comment: “What’s ‘Medium’?  Oh! Ha, I’d been wondering what those kids were doing with the cameras over there.”

The muscle had to intervene after Bruno, going supposedly incognito as an extra, kept interrupting a tense courtroom scene involving the supernatural drama’s star, Patricia Arquette.

It’s currently unclear whether any of Bruno’s antics were caught on tape, but this isn’t the first time Cohen’s fauxhawked alter ego has been caught in seemingly incongruous surroundings.

Yes, gee, I wonder if any of this was caught on tape.  Lord knows Sacha just likes to dress up like random characters and break into public events on his days off.  He’s basically a sociopath.  Just the other day he showed to my apartment fully into character as Aram the Armenian Cable Guy and was here for like six hours until I kicked him out for trying to brush his teeth with my hemorrhoid cream.  Shoo, you!

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