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01.20.09 44 Comments

Eliza Dushku, whom you may remember as Arnold’s hot daughter in True Lies, or as that one chick from that one showwhatwasitcalled? is reportedly producing a film about Robert Mapplethorpe, a photographer famous for sticking a bullwhip up his asshole.  In other news, my penis is really confused right now.

“Literally this week after quite some time, we finalized the deal with the Mapplethorpe estate,” Dushku said.

You’re literally not good at words.  I mean, um, that’s a cute top, where’d you get it!

Dushku’s brother, Nate, will star as Mapplethorpe, who died of AIDS in 1989 at age 42. “Nate physically has an uncanny resemblance to Robert,” Dushku said. “Some pictures are really eerie.” [E Online]

I guess that makes sense.  I mean, it’d be weird if he had a mentally uncanny resemblance. (she must’ve skipped class on adverb day).  Anyway, since I’m sure you’re all dying to see two guys you don’t care about resemble the shit out of each other, here’s Mapplethorpe, and here’s Nate Dushku.  Oops, how’d my x-ray get in there!

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