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12.02.08 127 Comments

The strangest thing about Blizhniy Boy: The Ultimate Fighter is not that it combines mixed martial arts, Gary Busey, and John “SWEEP THE LEG” Kreese, but that it’s not even the first movie to do so. Well shit.  What else can we add to put this thing over the top?  David Carradine?  Check.  Eric Roberts?  Check.  Bolo Yeung (from Bloodsport)? You better believe that’s a check.  And yet, watching the trailer, you get the sense that it’s not quite the sum of its parts.  But then, how could it be?  It’d have to be about a liger that ejaculates velociraptors.

It’s IMDB page says 2007, but it doesn’t appear to have a release date or a DVD on sale anywhere.  But with a title that just rolls off the tongue, I’m sure it’ll be an easy sell. It’s a good thing Cung Le put his fighting career on hold for this.  Good move, buddy.  I’m sure this will lead to bigger things.  Let’s face it, once you’re in with Busey, you’re here to stay.

Thanks to Shaun for the tip.

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