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08.08.08 22 Comments

Bradley Blakeman, former deputy assistant to President Bush and current political commentator (read: unemployed guy who does interviews), is suing damn near everyone involved with critically-acclaimed box-office smash hit Swing Vote, claiming they stole his idea.

… filing suit against Kelsey Grammer, his production company, Kevin Costner and the producers of the film Swing Vote, alleging key plot points and marketing ideas were pinched from a pitch [called Go November] the politico delivered to Grammer back in 2006. [E!]

The lawsuit, filed in federal court on Long Island, claims Grammer agreed to develop the project and star as an incumbent Republican president but ended up portraying a similar role in "Swing Vote."

The lawsuit claims Blakeman’s screenplay shared a basic premise with "Swing Vote," although it focused on an election hinging on multiple swing voters instead of one swing voter.

Blakeman claims "Swing Vote" incorporated other elements that he proposed, including: the timing of the film’s release, the use of real-life newscasters as actors playing themselves, the use of dirty tricks by both major political parties, marketing strategies and other plot points. [Newsday]

Those weaselly Hollywood bastards. I can’t believe they would steal this douche’s shitty ideas without giving him credit.  I hope he wins and gets awarded a big chunk of its negative $30 million dollar profit.  Godspeed, fuckface.

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