Cam Gigandet shows up, ruins everything

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05.13.10 19 Comments

Easy A stars Superbad/Zombieland’s Emma Stone and comes from director Will Gluck, previously of Fired Up and The John Larroquette Show.  As the trailer begins, we learn that Emma Stone’s character isn’t very popular, because she tells us she isn’t very popular, and because someone comes along and knocks all her books and sh*t on the ground.  According to movies, being unpopular means always having to pick your sh*t up off the floor.

But this is a high school movie, and the unpopular kid never stays unpopular.  Much like women and the blacks, they never seem to know their place. So right after Amanda Bynes (who seems to have acquired a mean case of pumpkin head) pretends not to remember her name, Emma Stone pretends to have sex with her gay friend at a party.  And then they both become popular.  Only some of the other unpopular dudes hear about it, and start hiring Emma Stone to pretend have sex with them, so that they too can stop getting picked on.  Emma Stone’s fake vagina is like Clearasil and Slim Fast all in one.  Then they read The Scarlet Letter in English class and the bitchy popular girls tell Emma Stone she should wear an A like Hester Prynne, and so she does.  Then Cam Gigandet shows up and I don’t know what happens after that because I screamed “F*CK!” and threw my laptop out the window.

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