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07.29.09 26 Comments

This is the trailer for The Box, from Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly, who hopes to rebound from the commercial failure of Southland Tales.  It stars James Marsden, Frank Langella, and Cameron Diaz, who may have given away a big plot secret at Comic Con (go ahead, I know you’re thinking it, “Cameron Diaz reveals the mysteries of her box all too easily.”).  Suffice to say, the plot involves a stranger, Langella (ella ella, eh eh eh…), showing up to struggling couple Diaz and Marsden’s house with a box and a proposition: press the button on the box and get a million dollars cash, but someone somewhere in the world who you don’t know will die.

I realize I’m not the best audience for this “dilemma”, especially not today when I’ve spent at least three hours alternately getting screwed by NYC public transportation, searching for a wireless connection, and getting caught in a downpour with my laptop.  A million dollars for killing a stranger?  Pff, I’d kick a baby into traffic on the off chance it’d make me feel better.  Just give me a reason, junior.

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