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01.29.08 39 Comments

"Comedian" Bill Engvall (he is to Blue Collar Comedy as Heart is to Captain Planet) is set to star alongside Billy Ray Cyrus in… Bait Shop (not to be confused with countless pornos).

The story centers around a small town bait shop owner (Engvall) who finds his beloved tackle shop at risk of foreclosure. In an attempt to raise money to save his business, he enters a high-profile fishing tournament [Editor’s Note: I don’t believe those exist], which finds him competing against his nemesis, the self-promoting fishing pro Hot Rod Johnson (Cyrus). C.B. Harding "Delta Farce" is directing the film.

Rejected names for Cyrus’ character include: Dick Peters, Schlong Rogers, and Penis Cockerson.  Tragically, this is going straight to DVD, which means we won’t have the pleasure of seeing the bumpkin version of How She Move in theaters.  I imagine that instead of breakdance fighting, the showdowns will feature corny joke contests and settle who can hate the most Mexicans.

The best part? The source article for this was written by none other than Carly Mayberry.    

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