New Captain America footage rips off The Fugitive (UPDATE)

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03.22.11 12 Comments

Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger (GRR, TIE-INS!), starring Chris Evans directed by Joe Johnston, opens July 22nd, and it’s probably going to suck, but if you watch very closely in this new Entertainment Tonight promo, you can see him throw his shield!  Haha, I love you, adulthood.  Shields are best known as defensive weapons, so Captain America’s go-to move is kind of the why-you-hitting-yourself of superhero moves.  It’s fitting.  That’s the way I’ve always thought America, as the world’s A-holey older brother.  Always giving smaller countries Predator drone noogies, just for the f*ck of it.

UPDATE: Now with brand new picture (right).

Far more promising, however, than the requisite shield-chucking, is the footage of Tommy Lee Jones reprising Fugitive role as Gruff Expository Authority Figure. No one does just the facts, ma’am better than Tommy Lee. “Listen up, everyone! Our fugitive’s NAME is CAPTAIN Julius T. America. And we’re gonna search every barn house, hen house, dog house, log house, cat house, bath house, flop house, mop house, yard house, big house, drug house, mouse house, moose house, spruce house, goose house, juice house, farm house, town house, clown house, Doctor House, and Chad Farthouse until the word ‘house’ has lost all meaning! Is that understood?”

[Picture via ComingSoon]

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