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12.29.09 52 Comments

(The ‘A’ is for ‘Adult’)

It came out as sort of a throwaway line in an interview about Wolf Man, but it seems Joe Johnston will be directing First Avenger: Captain America, and it will shoot in June.

[on taking over Wolf Man with just four weeks until production] “By the time I got on a plane and arrived, it was three,” recalls Johnston, speaking from the art department of THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA, which he’s readying for a June start. [Fangoria via ComingSoon]

If you’ll remember, Captain America got his powers from an “experimental serum” that enhanced him “to the peak of human perfection.”  So basically, our national superhero is a big, yoked-out juicehead.  USA! USA! Let’s do Jägr bombs!

You might also notice that they’ve now got so many superhero movies in production that they’re hiring directors like Joe Johnston who are known mainly for special effects, and who’ve made movies like Jurassic Park 3 to direct them.  A little history: Joel Shumacher basically killed the superhero movie boom of the 90s with his horrible Batman & Robin.  Then the genre was resurrected with respected directors like Bryan Singer, Sam Raimi, Chris Nolan, (and to a lesser extent Jon Favreau).  Now that we’re back to throwing any guy who can string a CGI sequence together at them, gee, I wonder what will happen. We should just thrown in the towel and let Brett Ratner do everything.

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