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The cast of W, Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic is filling up.  So far:

George W. – Josh Brolin
Laura Bush – Elizabeth Banks [Ed. Note – Yeeeah…]
George H.W. Bush – James Cromwell
Barbara Bush – Ellen Burstyn
UPDATE: Latest rumors are that Jeffrey Wright is in talks to play Colin Powell, and Robert Duvall "may be called upon" for the role of Dick Cheney. 

Stone will direct a script by his Wall Street co-writer Stanley Weiser.

I for one am glad that a touchy subject like this is being handled by someone with such a sterling reputation for tact and subtlety.  I mean, let’s say, for the sake of argument, that I hope Bush’s legacy will be that of epic incompetence.  Who better to properly articulate my feelings than the director who famously responded to a black man’s complement by saying, “All n*ggers love Scarface,”? 

DOUBLE UPDATE: As soon as I finished this post, I couldn’t help but think of my number one choice (in a perfect world) for the role of Norman Schwarzkopf: Chris Farley (video after the jump).  Rest in peace, you magnificent bastard.

[Source – thanks to RoboPanda for the tip] 

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