Cat Fashion Shows and Morning Links

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08.15.11 7 Comments

That’s right, “Cat Fashion Show”, perhaps my three favorite words in the English language when used all together. These are from The Algonquin Hotel’s Cat Fashion Show. I don’t think this kitty liked his costume very much. |Check Out the Slideshow at Uproxx|

The Greatest Collection of Corgi GIFs Ever Created |Warming Glow|

Learn all about the Creation Museum and the Hollow Earth Society on this week’s Frotcast. |Film Drunk|

Tom Felton Attempts to Slytherin in Your Pants with Harry Potter Pick-Up Lines |Gamma Squad|

Hillary Duff is pregnant, a dog kidnapper. |TheSuperficial|

Happy 58th Birthday Hulk Hogan, Now Here’s Your Naked Daughter |With Leather|

This Bert and Ernie gif is delightful, as are many of these other gifs. |Videogum|

Captain America vs. fireworks. Ahh, you kids, don’t ever change. |GorillaMask|

Nine essential facts about lobsters and other crustaceans. |MentalFloss|

Kanye West and Jay-Z are Milo and Otis, according to this video. |Buzzfeed|

More Accurate Titles for New Fall TV Shows |College Humor|

Hanson Is Feuding with Kings of Leon |FARK|

Interview with Insane Clown Posse |Adult Swim|

Where Are They Now?: The Cast of Undeclared |Unreality|

Your collection of Aziz Ansari gifs. |ScreenJunkies|

6 TLC shows that turn humanity into a sideshow. I guess they only had room for six. |HolyTaco|

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