Celebrate Memorial Day With A New ‘White House Down’ Featurette

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05.27.13 8 Comments

“Yo son, come wit me if U wants 2 liv.”

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than with a little C-Tates? We’re still a month away from the release of White House Down, which I predict will be the Kate Upton to Olympus Has Fallen’s Courtney Love, but Yahoo! was kind enough to release a featurette about the film’s director, Roland Emmerich, and his endearing dedication to creating the most over-the-top action and disaster films in Hollywood today.

White House Down appears to be his greatest visual feat to date, as he has somehow taken James Vanderbilt’s $3 million script about terrorists attacking the President’s crib and turned it into something so much more ridiculous than we could ever imagine. Seriously, there’s a scene in which the President, played by Jamie Foxx, shouts, “Don’t ever touch my Jordans!” while he kicks a bad guy in the face. I may never watch another movie again after this.

But nobody does it better (or worse, depending on which critics you ask) than Emmerich, and the stars of White House Down sure seem to love him for it.

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