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05.20.09 14 Comments

I know how worried you guys were that High School Musical director Kenny Ortega’s Footloose remake wouldn’t happen after Zac Efron dropped out, but fear not!  It’s back on, with Chace Crawford in the driver’s seat.  Though “with Chace Crawford in the stirrups” might be a better metaphor.

With a more mature, edgy version of “Footloose” than the original, Paramount will likely benefit from the fact that Crawford’s “Gossip Girl” following skews a bit older than Efron’s “High School Musical” audience. [Variety]

If I was making something that was “mature” and “edgy,” I probably wouldn’t cast a guy who looks like a gay porn bottom.  Just sayin’.  And on a serious note, I don’t make it a habit to go around calling people gay, but Christ, look at this guy.  Is it any wonder we have to import all our action stars from England and Australia now?  Reached for comment, Jason Statham said, “Oy yeh, dat’s a fit bird, innit.  Oy fink oy knobbed dat cont da ovva noight onda hood a moy sazz wagon, now didn’t oy?”

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