Channing Tatum 2 B The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?

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11.17.11 4 Comments

As we have often noted, FilmDrank favorite Channing Tatum is the hardest working man in show business because he keeps hammering out film after film, both as an actor and producer. After his latest critical turd, The Son of No One, flushes itself out of theaters, Tatum will be coming live and fresh with 21 Jump Street, Haywire and Magic Mike. The last two films, of course, were directed by Steven Soderbergh, who seems to have developed a little fondness for C-Tates as well.

The latest rumor has Tatum starring as Napoleon Solo in Soderbergh’s big screen adaptation of the classic TV series, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” The role was originally rumored to belong to People’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” me Bradley Cooper, but he has since detached himself, opening the door for Tatum. So what about the female roles? Who will C-Tates be getting his grind on with?

Two females being mentioned for parts have been Emily Blunt (who starred in “Wind Chill” by Gregory Jacobs, Soderbergh’s longtime producing partner) and Imogen Poots (from the Soderbergh executive produced “Solitary Man”), but there’s nothing concrete there yet. Potential female roles are the aforementioned civilian and Lisa Rogers, a female U.N.C.L.E. agent who appeared in the fourth season of the TV show.

(Via Indie Wire)

As always, there’s no point in speculating about the film when I can get the info straight from the horse’s mouf, our dear friend C-Tates…

Yo girl, check my rhyme…

U-N-C-L-E, love a C-Tates from infinity to infinity
(Who u callin’ a beeyotch?)
U-N-C-L-E, love a fat white girl ass from infinity to infinity
(U ain’t a beeyotch, u a ho)

Awwww yeah, C-TATES IN DA MUTHA F*CKIN HOUSE, SON WHAT! So yo girl, who gonna be my hotty spy flava, u ax? Haha, you know I ain’t say no to no blunt, right? 420 legit, but puff puff give, don’t be lippin’ my sh*t. I ain’t down wit no Poots, heard? Sh*t sounds like a queef, and dat sh*t’s just whack. Gross, son. Wash yo ass, respek.

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