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03.02.09 36 Comments

Now, it’s not like I expect anything good to come from Channing Tatum’s Karate-Kid-meets-MMA-meets-bodies-hitting-floor flick Fighting, but still: what in the f-ck is this supposed to be?  It looks like the Rocky statue with Channing Tatum’s face poorly grafted on.  This movie has one selling point.  ONE.  Channing Tatum shirtless.  So to recap: for the poster, they took the man candy, redrew his face so it looks all f-cked up and retarded, and then, just in case someone might still be interested, stuck a shirt on him.  It’s like they’re trying to get hired at Fox or something.  I don’t want to succumb to easy hyperbole here, but whoever dreamed up this poster should be poisoned, shot, stabbed, burned, shot out of a cannon, and punched in the face.  Not necessarily in that order.

Tagline: “Some dreams are worth the fight.”  (You know, especially if your dream is to be a fighter) (Hurrrrr…).

[via Cinematical]

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