Channing Tatum Got Joe Manganiello Naked ‘As Much As Possible’ For ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Channing Tatum seems to be really excited with the new direction that his team of dong-shakers is taking in Magic Mike XXL. While the first film – a surprise blockbuster in 2012, or the Year of C-Tates – showed us what life is like as a male stripper on the mean streets of Tampa, the upcoming sequel is allowing the titular titillater and his companions, including Big Dick Richie, Ken, Tito and Adam, to hit the road so they can shake what their mamas gave them all the way to the World Series of Male Stripping in luxurious Myrtle Beach.

As we’ve already learned, there’s so much nudity and sexual activity happening on the set of XXL that extras are walking away with their pearls clutched, but C-Tates told TIME that we don’t even know how many bulges are about to be crammed into our faces.

Tatum: … One of our first stops is at a drag club on our odyssey. We call it a stripper odyssey because it’s a traveling band of strippers. This movie is a lot more fun. In the first movie, we were obligated to show the underbelly — the pitfalls and dangers of being in that world. In this one, we kicked off a lot of the darkness. We’re going to have a lot of fun on the road together. Hopefully you’re going to care about these guys, and then get to see a lot of ridiculous nakedness and stupidity.

TIME: That’s what America wants.

Tatum: We got Joe Manganiello naked as much as possible. Everyone in the world: you’re welcome. (Via TIME)

Alas, all is reportedly not well in the land of C-Tates. According to those who strive for truth and ethics, things are going so well between Tatum and his co-star Amber Heard that Jenna Dewan Tatum and Johnny Depp must be drowning in their own tears. It’s only a matter of time before Tatum leaves his wife and baby daughter behind to start a new life with the star of Three Days to Kill. Maybe they can build a home on a nice piece of Manganiello’s abs.