Channing Tatum Is Ready To Wrassle That Oscar Out Of You In ‘Foxcatcher’

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06.30.14 12 Comments

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While we’re out here marooned in the midst of the mid-summer mediocre blockbuster doldrums, every now and again we get a dispatch from awards bait land, where, in just a few short months, actors will beg for trophies and manipulate heartstrings in powerful tales of Nazi dyslexia and inspiring simpletons. ‘Capote’/’Moneyball’ director Bennett Miller has ‘Foxcatcher’ coming out in November, and it’s hard to say what’s more Oscar-baity about it, Channing Tatum getting serious as wrestler Mark Schultz, or Steve Carell’s crazy prosthetics as John Du Pont, the eccentric millionaire who murders Schultz’s brother Dave (spoiler alert?).

Either way, it looks like C-Tates wasn’t letting Steve Carell steal all the prosthetic thunder in this new poster, where it looks like he’s wearing some nose putty in addition to his cauliflower ears. Also, can we call a moratorium on randomly sticking people in front of the American flag on posters? After Rocky IV, everything else feels anticlimactic.

My sources tell me C-Tates actually has a cauliflower dong from all those years he spent as a male stripper. So much grinding.

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