Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill Confirmed For 21 Jump Street

12.01.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

A few weeks ago, Vinnie brought you news that Channing Tatum had been rumored to star in a movie version of the 80s TV classic show 21 Jump Street. Well rumors be damned, because our favorite break dancer will indeed star alongside Jonah Hill in this modern retelling of undercover cops pretending to be high school students. As always, my good friend C-Tates was more than willing to give us the inside scoop…

Yo girl, check it, remember dat time you was all like, Yo C-Tates, you all fine and sh*t wit yo 2-feet of vagina treat, but u ain’t no Johnny Depp, and I kicked u out of my Chrysler 3Benjamin? Well ya boy Depp ain’t gots sh*t on C-Tatez now, son. I’m all 21 Jump Street, 5-0 upside yo fine ass. I’mma be all like, Yo u gots tha right 2 remain silent and sh*t, anything u say can and will be used against u, and u gots the right to pop and lock, save dat high school from drugs, B. Dare to say no, now get yo ass on da flo and let C-Tatez put a hurtin’ on yo fine ass.

Yo Coming Soon, I said jump down on Deez Nutz Street:

Commenting on the announcement, [Columbia Pictures president Doug] Belgrad said, “Jonah helped create a smart and funny vehicle that is tailor-made for him and Channing. They are a perfect duo for this film and [directors] Phil [Lord] and Chris [Miller] have a terrific, accessible take on the material. We love how this movie has come together and are very excited to begin production this spring.”

Yo girl, you know how I’m, like, always tellin’ u how yo fat ass sister makes me sick like hella 4 Loko? Well I’m thinkin’, like, you could bring yo fatty girl and I bring my cracka J-Hillz and they can, like, make whale noises and sh*t while you and me makes ass babies, right? Check it, dey even got da same size titties, all flapjacks like a muthaf*ckin’ International Heezy of Panceezies WHAT! RESPEK! Pecan sizzurp all down yo azz crackles, beeyotch.

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