Channing Tatum To Direct ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel?

If the year ended tomorrow, and one of my super model girlfriends put a gun to my head and told me to pick the best movie of the year, Magic Mike would probably be the frontrunner. That’s not to say there haven’t been better films, but it’s a matter of movies that stand out to me and it comes down to Channing Tatum and his male stripper biopic or Marvel’s The Avengers. Oh, if only we could have combined the two.

Whether or not people agree with me is another issue, but the box office receipts don’t lie. On a budget of just $7 million, Magic Mike grossed an outrageous $154 million worldwide, which means that Warner Bros. would obviously love to make a sequel. There’s just one problem, though – Steven Soderbergh is done with directing. So who’s going to direct Magic Mike 2: Penis Pump Boogaloo?

C-Tates, son.

Tatum tells German site Filmstarts (via AlloCine) that he could direct the film himself, possibly with screenwriter and producing partner Reid Carolin. (Via Indiewire)

As we all know so well, C-Tates is the hardest twerkin’ man in show BIZNA$$$TY. He’s an A-list actor with three $100 million films to his name this year, and he’s also a producer with 10 Years in theaters this weekend. Obviously, Magic Mike was Tatum’s baby and he’s probably drunk with success right now, as he should be. But a sequel to a story that had a perfectly realistic ending that didn’t leave much beyond an unpaid debt unresolved? At least tell us there’s a good idea.

As for where the sequel might take the characters, Carolin says (and thanks to AlloCine for the quotes) “You know, we are talking a lot about it. We have a story, and it is really ridiculous and fun. It’s a road movie sort of thing, where a bunch of strippers get back together. It’s more of a broad comedy. I don’t know whether it will happen or not.” Tatum certainly seems to suggest that the Broadway version is a bigger priority at the moment.

A road comedy. Look, C-Tates, as much as I want to see you and the crew riding out in donk style with the platinum spinners from Miami to Cali, this is a bad idea. It’s whack. Leave a great movie alone and get back to winning that EGOT that I’ve predicted for you by 2016.