Channing Tatum Will Co-Direct The Young Adult Story ‘Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock’

Ever since he announced that Magic Mike XXL was in the works, Channing Tatum made it clear that he was feeling the itch to sit in a director’s chair. While he didn’t take on that role for The Expendables of Dong Shaking, C-Tates has decided to get behind the camera for the adaptation of the young adult novel Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock. Aside from the fact that I’m an adult who still laughs at the word peacock, the story doesn’t sound like the typical YA nonsense that has been lighting up the box office. Instead, Leonard Peacock is going to allow the Foxcatcher star to further display his serious side.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tatum will be joined by his writing partner Reid Carolin as a co-director for this story of a “troubled high schooler who plans to kill his best friend and then himself.” The reason for the teamwork isn’t necessarily because C-Tates can’t handle the job on his own, but more because he’ll also reportedly star as “a heroic teacher who intervenes.” If he doesn’t help set the troubled teen on the right track by teaching him the power of dance, this film will be a colossal failure.

Carolin and Tatum will also serve as co-directors on the Warner Bros. crime thriller The Son, which is sadly not a remake of Look Who’s Talking, with Tatum providing the voice of the jive-talking baby. I guess that one is still on me to write and sell to a studio that wants to make, like, a billion dollars.