Channing Tatum’s Eagle Has A Trailer

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11.10.10 15 Comments

Caught up in yesterday’s news that Channing Tatum will star in an American Revolution spy tale, Love and Honor, we almost missed today’s debut of the trailer for Tatum’s The Eagle (formerly The Eagle of the Ninth), which tells the story of the son of a Roman general who embarks on a journey to retrieve a stolen gold eagle in 140 AD. Once again, my good buddy C-Tates agreed to swing by and give us some insight on The Eagle, which hits theaters on February 25, 2011.

Yo girl, check it… Madness? DIS! BE! C-TATES! Haha, like dat free hundred movie, right? For realz, ya boi C-Tates gots mad sh*t poppin’ right now, wit Da Dilemma ridin’ durrrty in Janurry and Da Eagle gettin’ crunk in Februrry. So checks it, girl. I’m playin’ Marcus Aquila, which is legit cuz Marcus is like a brotha’s name and Aquila is all Spanish, right? So I gots mad respek in da hustle game. But dis joint take place in ancient Rome, which is like Italian and sh*t so I gots to be like, Yo girl, suck on deez meat-a-balls. But da producers wasn’t down wit dat flavor so they was like, Yo C-tates, you so fine and sh*t, you ain’t need no accent and you gonna win like 10 muthaf*ckin’ Source Awards. Haha, I added dat last part, boo.

So like, me and my slave, played by Jamie Bell, we go lookin’ 4 dis Eagle statue, but I know what u thinkin’, right? Jamie Bell ain’t no hot chicken head. Homeboy’s a dude, legit, wit his fruity name and sh*t. But he ain’t play, for real. He tries to whoop C-Tates ass, but I’m all like, YO SON, U RECOGNIZE, C-TATE BEEYOTCH! ARF! BACK DA F*CK OFF ME, WHAT! TRU SOULJA 4 LIFE! Yo girl, u can check da High Definition trailer 4 Da Eagle at Apple or you can watch some YouTube after da jump. Then u can polish my apple, haha just playin’. But 4 realz, let me see dem titties.

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