Channing Tatum’s Peter Pan origin story pitch was worth $1 million

The bidding war for Pan, the Peter Pan origin story with Channing Tatum attached to star, has finally ended, with Sony paying in the $1 million range, according to sources.  It’s actually a bargain considering the cost to train, feed, and board the team of coked-up manatees it must’ve taken to dream up such a ridiculous concept.  “The 30-year-old guy from Step Up 2 Tha Streets starring in an origin story about an androgynous boy who doesn’t age?  Why that’s a splendid idea, Manatees!  More cocaine!”

And yes, I assume Flavor Flav is still the lead candidate to play the crocodile.

Sony is in negotiations to pick up Pan, the Peter Pan project that has Channing Tatum attached to star, Billy Ray writing and Joe Roth producing.

The package, which seeks to tell the origin of the flying immortal, went out last Tuesday, generating strong interest. Bidding came down to three suitors and sources said the deal was in the $1 million range.

Tatum, his producing partner Reid Carolin and Eric Bromberg came up with the idea and brought it to Ray, Roth and Roth Films’ Palak Patel. The five of them further developed the idea into the pitch, which envisioned Pan and Captain Hook as brothers. [THR]

I assume that by brothers he meant black guys.