Charlie Sheen Is Going By Carlos Estevez In The New ‘Machete Kills’ Trailer

Yesterday, a new, low quality trailer for Machete Kills started making the rounds and everyone was all excited because, “OMG LADY GAGA IS IN IT! LADY GAGA IS THE GREATEST!” But Open Road Films took the trailer down almost immediately because the scoundrels posting it on YouTube didn’t have permission. The problem with the leaked trailer is that it wasn’t complete – at least not the versions that are still peppered around YouTube – and it cuts off after the announcer excitedly yells, “ANTONIO! BANDERAS!”

Thanks to TMZ, though, we know that Carlos Estevez’s name would have been yelled also, because he plays the U.S. President and that seems like an important role. Oh, and in case you’re confused, Carlos Estevez is Charlie Sheen. I’m not sure why he chose to use his birth name for this role, but I assume it’s because it’s about a Mexican assassin and he wanted everyone to know that he has a Spanish name, too. “It made more sense when I was hammered last night, bros,” I imagine he explains it.

Enjoy the partial trailer after the jump while it still exists.

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