Charming Patrick Stewart Will Play A Charming Nazi Skinhead In The Latest From The ‘Blue Ruin’ Director

Patrick Stewart has to be one of my favorite three people I follow on the Internet. When he’s not speaking out against domestic violence, or tweeting totally retweetable pictures of himself on Twitter (above), he’s picking at least interesting roles in movies we should maybe go watch. Now, Stewart’s  signed up to play a white supremacist in Green Room, the latest crime thriller from Director Jeremy Saulnier.

Saulnier previously directed Blue Ruin, the nearly perfect revenge story/thriller currently scoring a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you haven’t seen it, you should, because 1)it’s amazing and 2)what else are you doing? In Green Room, Anton Yelchin and Imogen Roots play two young punk rockers who find themselves locked in a venue after witnessing a horrific act of violence committed by local skinheads. The skinheads, led by Darcy Banker (Stewart), are now intent on killing all witnesses, including our innocent pop-punkers. According to The Wrap, Macon Blair, who previously starred in Blue Ruin, will also join the Green Room cast. [Vince’s Note: Also, he was on the Frotcast.] 

I’m always slightly suspicious of plots that feature angry Neo-Nazis. Although I loved American History X and some other choice supremacist films, it seems like a sloppy, quick-fix way to add sensationalist drama to a Law & Order script. Still, I love Saulnier’s previous piece, and I’m excited to see how he pulls an exhausted storyline out of retirement. Green Room is filming in Oregon now and is set to make us all depressed sometime next year.