Check Out The Incredibly Important And Amazing Teaser Trailer For ‘Meet Me There’

We interrupt your regularly scheduled movie news to bring you this shameless self-promotion. Well, kind of. From director Lex Lybrand (who made the thoroughly enjoyable Summer League) and UPROXX’s own Brandon Stroud comes Meet Me There, an indie horror film that’s generating significant buzz. The film started as an IndieGogo project and received a huge push from WWE star Dustin Runnels among others, and now it’s an actual movie that is being submitted to film festivals from here to Mozambique.

As for the plot, here’s the skinny that Lybrand offered up to UK Horror Scene

“It’s about a couple, Ada and Calvin, dealing with sexual dysfunction in their long-term relationship,” Lybrand explains. “When Ada has trouble being intimate and physical with Calvin, their therapist suggests that she may be repressing past trauma. When Ada reveals that she has actually blacked out most of her childhood memories, the couple decide to take a road trip to her home town in rural Oklahoma to see if they can get to the root of her issues. And, like any good tale of Backwoods, USA, Meet Me There is filled with odd characters, strange imagery, ominous voices and druids having a ritual sacrifice orgy party in the forest!”

Had you started with the ritual sacrifice orgy party in the forest, you would have had me at “ritual sacrifice orgy party in the forest.” In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer for Meet Me There so in 10 years, you can tell people that you were reading Stroud long before he became that guy who writes Adam Sandler’s kids’ movies.