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02.01.13 15 Comments
Come on, not cool, zombie bro.

The Super Bowl generally serves as the first launch pad of the New Year for Hollywood to show us what huge action films they have in store for us. And since the NFL’s biggest game is typically the year’s largest BROment, we can probably expect a lot of Iron Man 3 throughout the Super Bowl 47 broadcast this Sunday on CBS. However, we now also know that World War Z is getting in on the action, because Apple has released the film’s official Super Bowl teaser spot, and let me tell you…

It’s exactly the same as everything else we’ve seen, from the first trailer of this production mess to the first 8 minutes that someone described to us. Seriously, the Super Bowl spot doesn’t reveal anything else about the film at all, other than Brad Pitt and the family are in the car, a cop breaks their sideview mirror off, Pitt’s all like, “WTF, broseph?”, something explodes and then everybody freaks out because zombies are faster than Usain Bolt.

But at least they save the Constitution. Otherwise the Gates family will never find the zombie gold.

As our beloved RoboPanda pointed out at Gamma Squad, the third act of WWZ was famously doomed and only recently re-shot, so that probably explains why we’ve only seen clips from the film’s opening. As if that’s any excuse.

Look, we’re well beyond my ranting about how f*cked this movie has been since day one, as the whole thing has seemingly never been about loyalty to the book. But if that mysterious third act can at least feature a Kardashian clone being torn to shreds by a mob of angry survivors storming the celebrity compound, I will be content. Fingers crossed.

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