Cheech And Chong Are Teaming Up With The ‘Super Troopers’ Dudes For A New Cheech And Chong Movie

The internet pooped its collective pants at the news that a Super Troopers sequel was actually happening, so God only knows what they’ll do with the news that the titans of two different eras of weed comedy are now set to team up. Chong and Cheech have reportedly been meeting with Super Troopers director and Broken Lizard member Jay Chandrasekhar about directing a new Cheech and Chong movie.

In a new interview, Tommy Chong reveals that he and longtime comedy partner Cheech Marin are teaming up with director Jay Chandrasekhar, a member of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, who counts 2001’s Super Troopers and 2006’s Beerfest among his credits.

“He’s working a script right now for us,” Chong tells “We’ve had some preliminary meetings. It looks really good. It looks really funny. It will be about us going to a festival called the Burning Joint. All sorts of shenanigans happen. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” [THR]

This would be the first official Cheech and Chong movie since 1983’s Still Smokin, although they did release an animated film composed of their old comedy bits last year (you midnight tokers probably forgot). Weed comedy seems slightly tame after Chong’s old cellmate Jordan Belfort inspired a movie that was just three hours of doing quaaludes and snorting coke out of butts, but hopefully people are still into it. Who am I kidding, weed comedy never goes out of style. Why, I’ll never forget the day my dad caught me smoking a joint for the first time. “Come on, don’t be a pussy,” he said, handing the joint to me while driving me home from my first semester of college (true story).

I think they should just go all out and make a Cheech and Chong and Jay and Harold and Kumar movie, celebrating every ethnic minority who has ever made a pot movie.