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07.14.09 32 Comments

Chipotle has announced that it will be sponsoring the food industry documentary/exposé Food Inc. (watch the first three minutes here).  Here’s the lede from Hollywood Reporter:

Now consumers can get a side of knowledge with their next burrito.

Damn, I can’t decide whether to make a sex joke, a Mexican joke, or a sex with Mexicans joke.  Maybe the new punchline to “You know why Mexican girls are always getting pregnant?” could be “Because their burritos come with a side of knowledge.”  (Current punchline: “Because their teachers are always telling them to go home and do their essays.”)  Bottom line, I’ve digressed horribly.

Beginning Tuesday, the chain will sponsor free screenings of the film in 32 U.S. cities. It will also place promotional material in all of its more than 860 restaurants.

“Food, Inc.,” now playing in theaters, examines unsavory practices within America’s food industry. The film features the commentary of authors Michael Pollan (“The Omnivore’s Dilemma”) and Eric Schlosser (“Fast Food Nation”), who discuss the ills of modern food production practices and the influence of major agriculture companies in shaping government policy.  Bringing this message to consumers gives Chipotle an opportunity to showcase its eco-friendly “food with integrity” philosophy.  Chipotle says that 35% of the beans it uses are organically grown and that it serves more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant worldwide. [THR]

And in case you were wondering, Chipotle was once owned by McDonald’s starting in 2001, but as Chipotle is careful to point out, Mickey D’s “divested” themselves of all their stock in 2006.  What they don’t tell you is that their shares were bought be the DeBeer Blood Diamonds and Mink Corporation.

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