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 Get the fork outta here. [via Blame It On The Voices]

Come and support Vince as he tells jokes and such. |Events|

Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Streaming: TV Actresses In Awful Movies |Film Drunk|

Television’s 12 Most Bad-Ass Brag Lines |Warming Glow|

Another useful invention. [via Awesomephilia]

Born Into The ’90s: 7 Young Stars It’s Perfectly Okay To Lust After |Smoking Section|

Gronk Tattoo Is A Lasting Memorial To Sadness |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

There’s Going To Be Yet Another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series.
Here’s a Trailer |Gamma Squad|

Of Course Mickey Rourke Says Beat Usain Bolt In A Street Race |With Leather|

Christian Bale Visited Aurora, Colorado Shooting Victims, First
Responders And Medical Personnel Today |UPROXX|

Sarah Palin’s Porn Double Will Be At The Republican National Convention |TheSuperficial|

Tim Heidecker Wrote A 14 Minute Song About The Titanic |Buzzfeed|

5 Ridiculous Flying Machines |HolyTaco|

85 LOL-Worthy Animal Photobombs |HuffPost Comedy|

Bohemian Rhapsody Kite Routine of the Day |Daily What|

New Twitter Verifications |College Humor|

Who Wrote “Happy Birthday to You” (and Who’s Collecting the Millions in
Royalties)? |Mental Floss|

Anne Hathaway up for a Catwoman spin-off. Warners probably up for making
a shiatload of money from it |Fark|

“Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind” |Videogum|

13 Short-Lived TV Series Nominated for an Emmy After They’d Been
Cancelled |Pajiba|

7 High School Horror Films |ScreenJunkies|

The 25 Greatest Unscripted Scenes in Film |Unreality|

Shoplifters Will Be Prostituted |WorkLOLs|

Scary As F*ck Walrus Will Haunt Your Nightmares |BroBible|

A Police Composite Sketch of Dracula |High Definite|

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