Chris Evans Gets His Dirty Hands On Tilda Swinton It In The Latest ‘Snowpiercer’ Trailer

Senior Writer
05.29.14 15 Comments

The latest trailer for Snowpiercer is yet another reminder that the good people of South Korea got to see Chris Evans lead a rebellion on a train almost a year ago, while we still have to wait until June 27 to (legally) see the movie in America. Nevertheless, this is another intense look at Chris Evans’s shield-less battle against the upper class, all while living inside of a train that protects mankind from the frozen outside world. Each section of the train represents a different class, with the poorest of slobs slaving away in the back end, and the wealthiest of 1%ers getting their hair styled toward the front.

But what happens when the rabble-rousers in the back decide that they want the all-powerful engine for themselves? Ax battles and gunfights, of course. In the new Snowpiercer trailer, we get a brief glimpse of what happens when Evans, hero of the poor, gets his hands on Tilda Swinton and her Dabney Coleman teeth, and I think it’s safe to assume that – spoiler alert – stuff happens. Crazy stuff, man.


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