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06.04.08 40 Comments

Chris Farley’s younger brothers Kevin and John are making a movie.

“Hollywood and Wine” [Ugh… -Ed.] is about a Hollywood chef and an aspiring actress who embark on a get-rich quick scheme that results in mistaken identify and a run-in with the mob.
Actors Kevin and John Farley, and John’s wife Jennifer Farley, collaborated with scribe Matt Berman on “Wine.” Kevin Farley is co-directing the independently financed project with Berman.
Several former “SNL” cast members will appear alongside the brothers in the comedy, including Chris Kattan, David Spade, Norm MacDonald, Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell. [AP]

I was a bigger Chris Farley fan than just about anyone, but I’ve compiled a list of reasons why this might not be such a good idea:

Jim Belushi
Frank Stallone
Stephen Baldwin
Daniel Baldwin
Billy Baldwin
Ron Gallagher
Jeb Bush
Casey Affleck
Jake Busey
Mookie Hartman
Chet Van Damme

Okay so I made those last two up but you get the picture.

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